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Nothing is as exciting as working with blockchain technology.
DIXC helped Luno with their recent Brand Refresh, by reworking Luno's typography, imagery and updated colour palette.


The Mobii Mantra 'Never Stop Moving' was brought to life with a new logo for their Timing division, new website, product shoot, video hero and official Mobii Systems brand guide. DIXC helped power Mobii's brand purpose and align their amazing tech to an amazing brand DNA.




Wild Eye set out to refresh the photographic and private guiding industry, by focusing on providing a professional service that was also fun and relaxed. DIXC helped guide Wild Eye's rebranding process and social media style.


With the launch of the much anticipated Silo Hotel. DIXC was responsible for creating and maintaining a lot of the brand identity for The Royal Portfolio. This included both physical and digital touchpoints for the award-winning Silo Hotel. (VISUAL IDENTITY OF 2018)


On-demand designers specialising in branding and content creation. No per-hour billing, no project costing, no monthly salaries or retainers. Using DIXC has significant cost-saving value when compared to traditional agency models. There’s no risk as you can cancel anytime before the next billing cycle.

You own the commercial usage rights to (all) your logo/s, graphics, layouts, icons, animations and footage. You can publish, broadcast, display and distribute the content you paid for via DIXC.DESIGN

DIXC.DESIGN is cultivating a frictionless, on-demand design service.


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